Giving Thanks

Several Allegiant team members recently heard Joe Deitch, author of the motivational book “Elevate" and Commonwealth Financial Network Founder and Chairman, describe his morning routine. He practices the habit of waking up and, before even getting out of bed, finding a few things to appreciate in his life. The appreciations he mentioned ranged from more commonly heard gratitudes, like health, family, and the sound of the ocean, to the more mundane: clean sheets, a favorite t-shirt, a comfortable bed.  As we enter the season of giving thanks, and then move quickly into the season of giving, we’d like to take a step back from our usual conversations, which often include discussions of portfolio values, volatility, and even charitable giving, and share some perspective on what we’re grateful for this holiday season - those we’re surrounded by, the community we’re part of, and the country we live in. 

First, the people who have helped build Allegiant Private Advisors is, in our very biased opinion, an incredible group.  Our colleagues, including our Wealth Advisors, Investment Team, and Client Service Team members, make it a joy to come into our office. Not only are our colleagues nice, but they are accomplished professionals as well. Three of our staff have obtained their CFA® designation, and seven have earned the CFP® certification. It’s not only the professional achievements, though, that makes us proud to work where we do. It’s also the true commitment to the finer points in the profession, exemplified by our true caring for our clients financial and non-financial wellbeing.We aren’t just thankful for our colleagues in the office, but also professionals that we work with each day—lawyers, tax advisors, trust officers, and community leaders—whose expertise and competence help us collaborate to drive positive outcomes for clients.  Without the willingness and positivity of these professionals, we would be hard-pressed to provide the level of service our clients have come to expect. And of course, no discussion of our “people” would be complete without focusing on you, our client. Our aim to provide industry-best service and advice would be impossible if we didn’t have a group of clients who are truly nice people. Whether it’s the encouragement you share with us, the questions you challenge us with, or the time you take to give us feedback, we truly appreciate the efforts you make to help us improve. We are often asked what type of client we prefer, and our first answer is always, “nice people.” 

Next, we are grateful for the community we are lucky enough to be involved in. Sarasota is a great place to work, live, and have fun.  A discussion of our community usually begins with the weather, and as we move out of the warm months into the mild, sunny season, we are truly looking forward to seeing you out on the tennis court, 5k starting line, racetrack, and golf course. We reflect also on the great community leaders here in Sarasota. There are so many people who work on our behalf every day to make Sarasota better, from those in local government and individuals who take time to become involved in local issues and commit to developing positive solutions, to leaders of cultural institutions and facilities dedicated to health and human services. Our community is home to many great nonprofit organizations. The arts community in Sarasota is well-recognized, but we are also home to a world-class science facility (Mote Marine Laboratory), a nationally important food bank (All Faiths Food Bank) and many organizations that support underserved children and local families in need. If you are interested in becoming more involved in our community, we urge you to speak with the Allegiant team about charitable giving and local organizations. 

Finally, a discussion of gratitude would be incomplete without recognizing the amazing country we live in. In the current political rhetoric, it seems as though separate, disparate groups are at odds on every issue, and those on the extremes are the loudest voices. This, of course, is one of the benefits and drawbacks to a true democracy. An advantage, though, is that we live in a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Most of us were born in hospitals, with doctors and nurses attending to our health. Right from our earliest days, we were beneficiaries of the great infrastructure of our country. Similarly, our access to clean water and food is often overlooked, while many residents of other countries spend a majority of their time obtaining these most basic necessities. Should an emergency happen, we can count on first responders who are well trained and nearby. While we may not always agree, we are afforded the right to speak publicly about what we believe in, what we want, and who or what we like and dislike. This holiday season, it feels appropriate to be grateful for these most basic rights, and appreciate the sacrifice that those before us made to build this country. 

As we pause in appreciation for our internal team, community of partners and family of clients, it is with immense warmth, love, and gratitude that we say THANK YOU, and wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.