At Your Service

Kristina Eastmond Director of Client Services Allegiant Private Advisors

By Kristina Eastmond
Principal, Director of Client Service

If you could go back to the moment on New Years Eve when you thought about the year ahead with excitement, I am sure, like me, you now are saying to yourself, “This is not exactly what I imagined!”  So much has changed, for all of us, in one way or another, in so little time.  Many in our community have been hit hard while others count their blessings that it isnt worse.  In order to move forward and navigate this new normal, we must all try to keep our heads above the fear and focus on what is important.  

The world as we know it is at a standstill and Im feeling that a shift is taking place in not only the way we look at the world but how we look at ourselves and each other.  The little things for me are now the big things, and the things I own, my possessions, are simply collecting dust and have less value than ever before. My personal relationships have been renewed and recharged and we are all starting to really reconnect with our loved ones again.  They may drive us crazy now and then (it’s ok to admit it) BUT at the end of the day we still somehow feel grateful.  As we all personally continue to do our part to keep our community and those we love safe and healthy, the Allegiant team remains steadfast and vigilant to our commitment to all of you, our dear clients.  We may be working remotely during this crisis, but that only affects the way we do things; not the quality of what we deliver.

You have heard a lot from the Wealth Advisor and Investment Research teams and they are doing a phenomenal job in keeping the lines of communication open, proactively reaching out to listen to your needs and most importantly, keeping your investment plan in line with your long-term goals.  When you think about why you plan for the future, it is for the unknown, the what-ifs - this crisis is that moment.  It has put your financial plans to the test and only highlights how important it is to plan and have a thinking partner that you can trust. 

A big part of the Allegiant family that can be somewhat behind the scenes is the Client Service team which I proudly lead. Helen, Lynda, Karen, Karyn and I work hard every day to keep our smiles big and service levels high!  Just as you have made adjustments in your daily life to keep things as normal as possible, we too are adapting.  It is our hope that we havent missed a beat and that these adjustments are unnoticeable as we continue delivering the personalized service you expect and deserve. 

Technology to the Rescue

Social distancing has pushed us further into an online and electronic world and I feel this is the perfect time for you to become more familiar and comfortable with the various online tools we have available to communicate with each other and conduct business together.   Not only are these tools easy to use, they also protect your privacy which is extremely important to all of us.

Investor 360:  This is our online portal to your portfolio.  This tool is a great way to view your accounts at a glance to check your account balances, performance and activity (prior day close), access all statements and correspondence, and establish or change your profile (password, email and paperless settings).  If you do not have an Investor 360 ID and would like one, please give us a call us so we can set you up.  

Investor 360 Messaging:  If you use Investor 360, this is an encrypted email system within the portal that allows you to securely send us messages and documents that contain personal and confidential information.

DocuSign:  The new normal is trending toward electronic signature.  Most of our clients appreciate this online method of signing and we highly recommend it, even during the best of times.  This is a very secure way to authenticate yourself and sign important forms so we can implement and transact on your behalf.

Secure Email:  This is a secure alternative to Investor 360 messaging and is available to all of our clients regardless of whether or not you have an Investor 360 ID.  Upon the receipt of a secure email, you would register an account and create a password. Once that is successful, the email content and any attachments will become accessible.  From there, you would simply reply to the email just like any other email.  The difference is that with a secure email, the content is encrypted to protect your information.  

Zoom Meetings:  This is a password-protected and secure way of meeting with your Allegiant family virtually from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with an internet connection.  Since our office is closed and we have suspended in-person meetings, this is a great alternative to having a conference call.  So, if you miss us like we miss you, instead of having a regular conference call, lets have a Zoom meeting!  This service not only brings us together in a more personal way but allows us to share our computer screens w/ each other to review important account information and/or share documents visually.  We find that these types of meetings are very productive and enjoyable.   

Of course, we are still doing everything we can to maintain some general office procedures and services.  We have teammates going to the office periodically to check the mail and can still deposit checks and send and receive packages.  If you plan on sending something to us by mail or via the drop box located at Kerkering, Barberio & Co., please give us a call so we are aware.  There may be slight delays in processing times, but rest assured, we are on top of it.  

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out.   We will continue to work hard on your behalf during this crisis and beyond.  Without you, we wouldnt be us.  Without you, we wouldnt be here.  Thank you for inviting us into your lives and entrusting the Allegiant team to be your most trusted advisor.