Allegiant Awards 2019 Scholarship to Joseph Putnam

Scholarship Program Designed to Heighten Awareness of Personal Fiscal Responsibility 

For over two decades, the Allegiant Private Advisors team has had the distinct privilege of awarding an annual scholarship. Giving back to the community in many ways is something we value as a firm and individuals, and programs rooted in financial literacy or supporting deserving students’ future are causes we passionately support.

This year’s recipient of our firm’s $2,500 scholarship is Joseph (Joey) Putnam, grandson of an Allegiant client.

A 2019 graduate of Clermont Northeastern High School in Batavia, Ohio, Joey will be attending the University of Cincinnati to pursue a degree mechanical engineering this fall. His application was selected as most deserving based on his academic record including transcript records and curriculum difficulty, community service, extracurricular activities, work experience and an original essay about financial independence. 

In Joey’s essay exploring the question “What is personal financial responsibility?" submitted as part of the application process, he explained the importance of hard work and budgeting modeled by his parents. Joey detailed his personal early commitment to earning his own money through multiple jobs and dedication to saving with a short-term goal of starting his own portfolio. He shared: 

“Like everyone, I hope to have a successful future, but unlike others my age I have started to plan for it. As a high school junior, I began taking college courses in order to maximize the opportunity to earn college credits and save money while still in high school. At the University of Cincinnati, I have chosen to major in mechanical engineering because it matches my strengths in math and science, but also because it's a career with excellent financial benefits. The University of Cincinnati offers internships from the beginning of the engineering program which will allow me to make connections that will in turn help me to find a well-paying job. Between a good job and smart investments, my future might even hold early retirement if I make smart decisions and work with qualified financial planners.”

Allegiant’s Advisors often help families navigate the complex challenges involved in ensuring the next generation’s educational future. Planning for higher education expenses is a regular part of our clients’ customized financial plan. Recognizing that the most important thing to our clients is the health and well-being of their family and striving to ignite a discussion about financial responsibility with younger generations, our firm created the annual scholarship program in 1998.

The one-time scholarship is available to any graduating high school or currently-enrolled college student who is a child, grandchild and/or great-grandchild of a current Allegiant client, and who plans to attend any post-secondary educational institution. The scholarship is not needs-based, but rather awarded through an objective selection process conducted by an internal review committee. 

We wish Joey, all the scholarship applicants and 2019 graduates the greatest of success as they continue to pursue educational excellence, embark upon their individual career paths, and create a future focused on their own financial independence.