All-Time High in Stock Market, Amid Increased Volatility

Chart All Time High in Stock Market Amid Increased Volatility

Amid a myriad of negative political headlines and signs that economic growth is slowing, the stock market has proven very resilient and once again reached new all-time highs. The chart above shows a few key events that have taken place over the last year, including last year’s sharp pullback and the Fed stepping in and once again cutting short-term interest rates. While volatility has obviously been elevated, the markets have had a very good year on their way to a new record high. This can be partially attributed to the Fed’s action and the fact that while growth is slowing, it is still positive. As we move forward, new economic data releases will show whether the headline risks are feeding into the hard-economic data, or if political uncertainty is not enough to put an end to the longest economic expansion on record.