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KBFS Bio RaymondThis spring, we were excited to announce Helen Raymond’s promotion to Senior Operations Specialist. After nearly 14 years as a key member of the Allegiant team, we know you’ve come to know Helen professionally.  We thought now was the perfect time to also ask her to share a little more about herself so you could get to know her personally as well.  Here is Helen in her own words…

I was born and raised just outside of Boston, MA., and was blessed with a wonderful childhood when no one ever had to lock their doors, parental supervision was not a necessity, kids played in the streets, and we made up our own fun (no handheld devices, computer games, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Ahhhh…those were the days! I’m sounding old, I am!! The middle child of three and the only daughter, I was a girly girl. Ballet, flute and oboe became my extracurricular activities. I even found myself playing tuba in the high school marching band - carrying the “H” as we spelled out our town’s name, “NEEDHAM.”

Upon high school graduation, I went to a small college to pursue a career in teaching. While there, I continued my love of dance as a member of the dance team. Unfortunately, by the time I graduated, teaching jobs were few and far between and like so many “wanna be” teachers, I ended up in the world of insurance as a life insurance underwriter…go figure! Back in those days, companies were skeptical about hiring someone that young, fearing I would get married, start a family and quit work shortly after being hired. Well, in this case they were right. I married my high school sweetheart, moved to Connecticut, and started a family.

June 2018: A Letter from Martin J. Kossoff, President

Clients have recently given me feedback requesting a helpful explanation of our company’s structure and addressing our plans for future growth.  I absolutely agree with that recommendation, and it’s also a good time to step back and review where we’ve come from. Allegiant Private Advisors has grown significantly, which was our strategic purpose, and always with a focus on excellent client service and ease of interacting with us. Because of our growth, we now have many more capabilities and service offerings for you than ever before, and more talented staff to work with.

Our growth was driven by two factors: receiving referrals from existing clients of new friends and family that wanted to talk to us; and second, a desire to expand our capabilities so that we could offer deep, comprehensive financial planning advice. Let me quickly recount where we’ve been and where we are today, and how each Allegiant client can take best advantage of everything we have to offer.

Coming into this year, tax reform looked to be the catalyst we needed to kick-start economic growth after years of lethargic growth. Shortly after these benefits were seemingly on their way to being realized, the president began his first round of tariff threats on goods from our biggest trade partners.

With summer travel season approaching, many people are wondering whether they are getting the most out of their credit card points and benefits. In recent years, many credit cards have added travel-related perks such as travel insurance, lounge access (notice how crowded those “exclusive” lounges now are?), and free or discounted checked baggage. Knowing the points calculations, benefits, and fees of the top travel-related credit cards can help you get the most out of your travel spending. Here is a quick review of some of the more popular cards our clients use. 

Investing for a successful financial future often begins by making sure there is very accessible, liquid money available for unexpected expenses in some type of emergency savings account. Astonishingly about 60% of Americans cannot afford to cover even $500 of unforeseen expenses. Of the remaining 40%, 21% have to resort to debt to cover their emergencies1. Clearly an established emergency savings fund not only is the basis for a solid financial plan, but it can also prevent individuals and families from dipping into retirement savings and increasing debt.

As mentioned in previous “Charts of the Week,” household debt service costs are on the rise. Large debt balances along with increasing interest rates are making it more difficult for consumers to make debt payments. This week’s chart measures the six-month change in Google searches related to topics of financial stress.

At Allegiant, we pride ourselves on sharing proprietary research with our clients and professional network. Our firm conducts all our own research, which we periodically share through white papers, macroeconomic and security-specific reports as well as our Monthly Insights Book. This week, Allegiant's Investment Research team is sharing our 2018 First Quarter Earnings Brief, offering a snapshot of the S&P 500's revenue growth, earnings growth and current valuation metrics. Identified as a catalyst in our 2018 Economic and Investment Outlook, first quarter earnings growth did not disappoint.

Click here to review Allegiant's First Quarter Earnings Brief

Scholarship Program Designed to Heighten Awareness of Personal Fiscal Responsibility

Allegiant Private Advisors gives back to the community in many ways, but few are more important than supporting deserving students. We have had the distinct privilege of awarding a scholarship every year for the past 20 years. This year’s recipient of our $2,500 scholarship—as well as a National Merit Scholarship—is Hadleigh Schwartz, daughter of clients Allison Silver and Hardy Schwartz.

Kristina Eastmond, Allegiant’s Operations ManagerKBFS Bio Eastmond, oversees the concierge-level client services at Allegiant Private Advisors.  She is committed to making every interaction with our clients and prospects a positive, informative and meaningful one.  Through daily collaborations with our Wealth Advisor, Investment Research and Client Service teams, Kristina is able to proactively monitor and address clients’ needs and provide personalized solutions in a timely fashion.  Areas of responsibility include client onboarding, transfer of assets, account maintenance, cash management, and account succession and compliance.  

We asked Kristina to talk about herself so that all clients could get to know more about her.

Originally from New Jersey, I was the oldest of three and had two younger brothers who called me “Krissy” growing up. I grew up in middle class suburbia during times when you used to leave the house at 8 a.m. and not come back until you heard the dinner bell ring. Just as importantly, back then we had to earn everything we wanted or needed. They were simpler but more accountable times! I was involved in sports as a long-distance runner in cross country (varsity as a freshman) and track (3200-meter race) and played soccer (center forward). That was and is still me!