Allegiant Private Advisors has expanded into our new office location.

Please visit us in the heart of downtown Sarasota at 240 South Pineapple Avenue, Suite 200. We will maintain our original office at 1990 Main Street, suite 801. Appointments can be scheduled at either office location for your convenience.

Customized solutions. Broad perspective.

Allegiant manages assets conservatively on a fee-based fiduciary basis. There are no sales or commissions on our managed investment accounts. Our research is proprietary. Client interests always come first, and our legendary commitment to superior customer service is the bedrock of everything we do.

November Monthly Insights

Economic growth rebounded during the 3rd quarter with GDP growth of 2.9 percent, beating estimates. While the headline number is encouraging, the underlying fundamentals of the report were somewhat weak. Nearly half of the growth came from a change in private inventory levels and an increase in net exports. The contribution from net exports was the largest going back to 2013, but it was mostly due to a timing issue over exports of soybeans. Most likely this will reverse next quarter, putting downward pressure on GDP. In other words... Read More

Staying In Touch, 10/10/2016

Are They Ready? Here’s an easy question with a very difficult answer: why leave assets to our kids? To keep it in the family, and to hopefully improve their lives, is the likely answer. But according to a study by the Institute of Preparing Heirs, and the Williams Group, 70% of all wealth transfers within families fail – i.e., control over the assets is lost. Over 3,250 families that transitioned their wealth were included in the study, and 2/3 of the time the beneficiaries lost control of the inherited wealth within their lifetimes. Read More

Kerkering Barberio Financial Services Rebrands as Allegiant Private Advisors

The Sarasota-based firm of Kerkering Barberio Financial Services is proud to announce its new name, Allegiant Private Advisors, LLC. The customized wealth management firm specializes in helping high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs, nonprofit... Read More

Allegiant Private Advisors Supports The Community

Allegiant Private Advisors is proud to sponsor the 2015-2016 seasons of The Sarasota Ballet, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, The Jewish Federation Film festival, and The Sarasota Opera.

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