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Allegiant manages assets conservatively on a fee-based fiduciary basis. There are no sales or commissions on our managed investment accounts. Our research is proprietary. Client interests always come first, and our legendary commitment to superior customer service is the bedrock of everything we do.

November 2018 Monthly Insights

With stock markets tumbling in October it is a great time to step back, evaluate the economy, and determine if this market correction is the start of the next big stock bear market. More likely than not this is the same run-of-the-mill correction we’ve seen four times in the last three years. But, as we move further along in this economic expansion, every decline deserves close attention. Read More

President's Letter: Addressing Allegiant's Growth

Clients have recently given me feedback requesting a helpful explanation of our company’s structure and addressing our plans for future growth.    I absolutely agree with that recommendation, and it’s also a good time to step back and review where we’ve come from.  Read More

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