A Message of Gratitude this Holiday Season

As the holiday season is now in full swing, we wanted to take a moment to pause and express our sincere appreciation for all you do for us, our staff, and our firm. Thank you, truly, for making our small office community a fabulous place to be.

In the typical advisor-client interaction, it is perhaps expected that the advisor shares, educates, and encourages. We hope this is always your experience in working with our team. But, in the case of our special group of clients, we often find ourselves in the receiving position as well! For this, we are truly grateful.

First, we thank you for sharing so much with us. We have been the recipients of so many of your photos, videos, and travel stories- and we love it! Our clients have, in many cases, been a source of vacation advice and a resource for our own planning. We also thank you for sharing so many of your cherished family traditions with us—your favorite recipes, wine and beer recommendations, and secrets of successful hosting. We could put together a cookbook—or a sommelier’s handbook—thanks to you all! And the recommendations you’ve given us over the years for books, movies, and local restaurants have certainly brought joy to each member of our staff.

We also thank you for educating us over the years. Your feedback on our business and services has improved your experience here, and the experience of our other clients as well. Thank you for being so open and honest, even—or especially—when it is hard to do so. Whether you’ve participated in formal sharing sessions, given us informal feedback during review meetings, or sent us an email when you think of how we can be better, we appreciate your contribution to the success of our business.

We are also lucky enough to extend our appreciation beyond the professional to the personal. You all have given us advice and encouragement during our various challenging stages of life. For our younger staff, we’ve benefitted from relationship advice during the early years of our own marriages. For many of our professional staff, pregnancy and parenting education, support, and encouragement has helped us become better and more thoughtful parents. For our seasoned partners, discussions about personal fulfillment, life goals, and transitions have been incredibly meaningful. We cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate the support and perspective you give us. Your thoughtful participation in our lives makes us better, our firm better, and our community better.

We wish you all a very warm and happy holiday season. May you each experience the joy of your family, friendships, the peace of the season, and the promise of a New Year.

In lieu of traditional cards, Allegiant Private Advisors has made a donation to local nonprofits dedicated to helping families and children in need this holiday season.