Kerkering Barberio Financial Services Rebrands as Allegiant Private Advisors

A preeminent Sarasota-based wealth management firm rebrands itself with a clearer statement of corporate identity.

(Sarasota, Florida) The Sarasota-based firm of Kerkering Barberio Financial Services is proud to announce its new name, Allegiant Private Advisors, LLC. The customized wealth management firm specializes in helping high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and foundations pursue their long-term financial goals. The firm has flourished under the umbrella of the area’s leading accounting firm, Kerkering, Barberio & Co., since 1997. The rebranded Allegiant Private Advisors will continue a close association with Kerkering Barberio but project a distinct identity and pursue an independent client base.

According to Martin J. Kossoff, President of Allegiant Private Advisors, the new name is a clearer statement of the firm’s identity. "The word 'allegiant’ signifies being loyal, and that’s exactly what we are," he says. "Our new name better reflects our mission, the services we offer, the loyalty we feel towards our exclusive client family and our holistic approach to financial planning. If a family is looking for a trusted advisor, our new name tells them that they’ve found one with us.”

Kossoff stresses that the firm will remain a proud part of the Kerkering Barberio family. “We value our shared history and will continue to work closely together for our clients’ benefit."

Rob Lane, Managing Shareholder at Kerkering Barberio, agrees. “We have been able to assist our clients in meeting their goals through a wonderful partnership with the Allegiant team, and we look forward to continuing that same strong relationship. This name change will assist them in expanding their relationships in the region and take their firm to the next level.”

Apart from a new name, Allegiant’s team, core philosophy, high standards, range of services and dedication to client success will remain unchanged.

About Allegiant Private Advisors, LLC

Allegiant Private Advisors, LLC, is an independent, customized wealth management firm that specializes in helping high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and foundations pursue their long-term financial goals. For nearly two decades, under the Kerkering Barberio umbrella, Allegiant has focused on unparalleled customer service, independent fiduciary-level financial advising and a steadfast desire to be the region’s most trusted financial advisory firm. By serving client needs without conflicts of interest, maintaining the highest degree of operational excellence and providing concierge-like customer service, Allegiant has grown into the successful, multifaceted, comprehensive wealth management firm it is today. The company's headquarters is located at 1990 Main St., Suite 801; and its telephone number is 941-365-3745. For more information, visit

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